Fork Services

Lower Leg Service (from £35)

A lower leg service consists of:

  • Remove the lower leg from the fork, removing all oil, grease and cleaning the insides
  • Performing a safety inspection of the damper and air/coil shaft 
  • Changing the foam rings, crush washers and wipers (if required)
  • Using the best suspension specific oils and greases when reassembling the fork

Full Service / Rebuild (from £90)

A full service consists of:

  • A lower leg service
  • Changing the main seals, oils and re-greasing the damper unit 
  • Changing the main seals and regressing the air/coil shafts
  • Changing the amount of air volume reducers or token if required
  • Upgrading damper or air/coil shaft if requested 

Damper Upgrades (contact us for a price)

Damper upgrades can be done on brand new forks without the need for a major service or then can be done as part of a lower leg or full service. The price of new dampers vary depending on make and model of fork as well as the type of damper you want. 

Travel Change and Air Shaft Upgrades (from £30)

Most travel changes and air shaft upgrades require a lower leg service at a minimum, this is because the lower legs need to come off to access the air shaft. 

Repairs (contact us for a price)

Mountain biking is not without risks and we know that the trails can cause havoc on forks. If something doesn't feel right or something has snapped, contact us to diagnose the issue and be able to quote you on the repair price.